The Gay Girl Love Tour – Summer Route Announced

by Mary Malia

It’s On! The Gay Girl Love Tour is in full swing June and July.

You asked me to please come back! You asked me to please come to more locations! It’s ON gay girl!!

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I’ll be swinging by a few cities I visited in 2013 then bringing dating workshops to new locations.

Is A Dating Workshop Right for You?

Darn right it is!!  Attending a workshop is right for you if:

  • You’ve been trying and trying but can’t seem to make dating work
  • You keep wondering if there’s something wrong with you cause your friends seem to do just fine
  • Online dating has you miffed, pissed, scared, discouraged, depressed or just plain overwhelmed
  • Getting from a first date to a second date just doesn’t seem to happen
  • You keep ending up with the wrong kind of woman for you (she’s right for someone else just not you!!)
  • You can get a date but don’t know what you really want in a relationship
  • It’s been so long since you’ve been on a date, you’re not sure you remember what to do
  • You’re simply interested in having better dating know how so you can get to a great relationship sooner
  • You’re late to lesbian life and discovering some bumps in this new road you’re traveling

It’s true! Dating isn’t as simple as you’d hoped it would be, is it? Not only are you not sure what you want in a relationship, you’re meeting women who seem equally uncertain or unclear about what they really want.

What’s really great about Gay Girl Love Tour Workshops is that you get a chance to get your questions answered first hand and live because I’m there and you’re there too. You’ll discover the critical dating skills that’ll help you reach your goal of finding a great love relationship.

Gay Girl Love Tour Stops!

July 9th – Albuquerque – no workshop but I’m happy to meet for strategy sessions if you’re in the area. Email me at [email protected] and we’ll set it up!

July 12th – Denver, CO

July 18th – San Diego, CA

August – Maine baby Maine… for Camp Camp and relaxation!

Do you want to get on my mailing list for more info on dating workshops?  Or click here to reserve your seat now?

 It’s a TON of value for $35.00 and a 93% discount on three hours time with me!

I can’t get everywhere, especially with the super special low price of my workshops which are just $35.00 right now! This is a steal for you because you get access to some of my most powerful dating strategies and know how.

A workshop is not just a ton of value it’s an amazing experience. One hour of dating coaching is $125, so a three hour workshop is a $375 value. Yeah! This is a 93% discount when you’re getting in for just $35 if you book ahead. The day of the event, the price goes up to $45.

What’s also really great is that I get to meet women like you first hand. I get to hear exactly what you’re struggling with and I get to see the similarities from city to city as I travel around.

It also means the answers and strategies I’m providing are being used by women across the US and around the globe to stay out of discouragement and overwhelm and instead to start feeling more confident about dating and the choices they are making.

Ultimately, you have nothing to lose and you’ll walk away with ideas you can put into action right away!

What’s also great is that you get your questions answered. You discover tactics that can make dating a lot more fun and a lot less difficult.

Super Big Dating Tip Here!

A common issue I find in dating workshops is that women don’t ask women out!!! This is a really big PROBLEM!

That’s one big reason you’re not getting dates. Except in New York City, every women in the room had asked someone out in the last 6 months. New York City rocks that!!  But every women in the room was struggling with how to date in a way that didn’t leave her feeling awful, worn out or totally depressed.

In the majority of places I travel, no one is asking anyone out. How about you? When is the last time you asked a woman out face to face? Or even online?  And here’s part of the secret sauce of asking women out… you have to be OK with her saying NO.  The more comfortable you are with someone telling you “no”, the easier it’ll be to ask women out.

Gay Girl Love Tour Stops!

June 7th  – Nyack, NY

June 14th – Manhattan, NY

June 20th – Houston, TX

June 22nd – Dallas, TX

June 26th – Austin, TX

July 8th – Albuquerque (not confirmed as yet)

July 11th – Denver, CO

July 18th – San Diego, CA

August – Maine baby Maine… for Camp Camp and relaxation!

I know some of you are immediately happy cause I’m coming to your area. I also know some of you are immediately disappointed and perhaps disappointed again. It’s a tough decision about where to go but as I’m now almost a year into doing workshops, I’ve discovered a few things that make all the difference. And if you want to be that difference, I’m open to a conversation about a workshop in your area.

What Makes A Workshop Do-Able?

Bottom line here is a workshop requires local support. Having someone who is willing to do the footwork to help put the pieces in place in her city or community. Is that you? What are the pieces?

1) A way to get the word out to the local lesbian community. That means a woman with a  big email list of lesbians and/or a meetup group with enough women and activity that the minimum number needed to run a workshop register.

2) Someone to find a venue that will serve as a great workshop space. A place that is a great indoor space with seating that meets my budget. I’ve used bars, theaters, living rooms, churches, event spaces and more.

3) If I’m going to a new area that requires long distance travel, I’ll be looking to book a series of workshops that make sense travel wise. Sort of like the list above. It’s not a straight line, but it’s a path that makes sense.





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