How To Hack OkCupid

by Mary Malia

It takes some focus, but you can learn how to hack OkCupid just like the math nerd Chris McKinley did and you don’t have to be a math genius to do it.

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If you read  Chris’s story, you’ll discover he had 89 first dates, very few second and only a couple third dates.

Don’t you feel better already!

And despite his ability as a Ph.D. mathematician, there’s nothing he did that you can’t also do to improve your ability to find love through online dating.

The real story here is that 99.9% of all the people using online dating don’t bother to spend one hour learning how an online dating site actually works.

Each of the major players in this industry has particular differences,, OkCupid, CompatiblePartners, Plenty of Fish, Zoosk and on and on they go. Some do a better job of helping you learn how to use their system and OkCupid gives you information upfront and center that you can use to your advantage.

Here Are a Few Lessons From Chris On How To Hack OkCupid

  1. He went on 55 first dates derived from his first set of calculations, 3 led to second dates and only 1 led to a third.
  2. He didn’t waste a lot of time sending emails, he went on dates as soon as possible and kept his 1st dates on the short side.
  3. He re-thought his results and tweaked his profile and what he was looking for.
  4. On first date #89, he met his future wife.
  5. So much for math being a short cut to finding the one.
  6. In reading the story on, it took him at least 6 months from his first date to meet his wife-to-be, the one that was date #89.
  7. There are no shortcuts to love and not quitting when it takes longer than you wanted is the most important lesson.

OKCupid got hacked by a guy and was hacked by Amy Webb, another math whiz, who was looking for her husband. They both have a lot to teach us about how to approach dating sites and much of what they’re sharing is exactly what I’ve been teaching my clients.

As a good dating coach, I’m taking lessons from  Amy and Chris to help my clients learn how to hack OkCupid and stay motivated.

What Amy Can Teach You About Online Dating (It’s exactly what I help my clients do!)

  1. She put up a profile with no thought or effort and had terrible results.
  2. She finally realized she needed to learn how to use the system to her advantage.
  3. Amy got clear on exactly what she was looking for in a partner. She had 72 distinct “data” points. She then prioritized from most important to least important so her dates had to score a minimum of 700 points based on her requirements.
  4. She investigated what the “popular” women were doing on their profiles and copied those standards but stayed true to who she was.
  5. She wrote a profile that was positive and inviting and mirrored what the popular women were doing and all of a sudden she become highly popular and had lots of men contacting her.
  6. She didn’t go out with any of these men as none of them met her minimum score of 700, then she found a guy who had a score of 805! They went out on a first date that turned into a 10 hour marathon date and today they are married and have a daughter.

Can You Hack OkCupid Too?

The simple answer is Hell Yeah!! But I hear you saying, “Damn that seems like a lot of work!” And with that I’m shaking my head!

How much work is it to break up and end a bad relationship? How much work is it to go out with all kinds of women where you keep discovering you have nothing in common? How many “crazy” women do you want to meet?

What I want you to see is that online dating is a powerful tool when you learn how to use it. It is a system that will work for you. You don’t need to know data crunching mathematics.  You don’t need to have a Ph.D. And you don’t need to be able to do weighted statistical data analysis.

You just need to decide to take the time to get really clear on what you want, write a well crafted profile, get great pictures and put it all together the right way. It does pay off. 

And if you’re looking at this and thinking you’d like help, schedule a complimentary 15 minute call with me this week and let’s see if I can help you create your own online dating success story!

In my next blog post, I’ll tell you how to tweak those pesky questions on OkCupid to get better results!

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Sending you a big hug!!

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