Dear Introverted Single Lesbian,

I know it’s hard to get out there and connect with lesbians all the time but there is hope.

It’s called lesbian dating sites plus add in new dating skills to get you out there and dating.

In the midst of traveling the country with The Gay Girl Love Tour, I’m discovering a lot of interesting things about lesbian dating.

First off most women won’t ask other women out. It’s pretty hard to get a date that way right?

Secondly, most women have no idea when another woman is flirting with her. You miss the clues and the gumption to take action. Can you say OUCH!?

Introverted + Don’t Ask Other Lesbians Out + No Clue About Flirting = SINGLE FOREVER!!

Now lets add into this equation that you are introverted which means you’d often rather stay home then go out and meet women. You get overwhelmed or exhausted with too many social events or by large groups of people. You often find the standard social conversation boring. You’re not unhappy alone.

Lesbian Dating Sites are one way to conquer this dating problem.

Now here’s some of the reasons I’m always promoting online dating.

1) You can start out in the comfort of your own home browsing profiles.

2) You can set the speed at which you contact single lesbians or respond to their emails.

3) If you’re the kind of woman who isn’t good at flirting, lesbian dating sites can make this easier.

One site that I’d recommend to women who want to move slowly and not feel rushed is It makes things super easy by providing you with the questions to ask a woman when you email her. And to make it even easier, they set it up as a multiple-choice response.

You send the woman 5 questions and when she responds, she gets to send you 5 questions. This is a fun and easy way to make a connection and some of the hard thinking is done for you.

You can select from the answers provided or type in your own personal response, which is my favorite thing to do. Here are my responses to 5 Quick Questions that a lesbian on the site sent me:

Plus, it’s a way to ask about things important to you right from the start in a friendly and acceptable way.

So if you’re an introvert who feels her dating skills are not just rusty but not well developed, lesbian dating sites are one place to start getting out there and making connections.

Look for a site that feels right for you. Is it wide open like, a little more buttoned up like or perhaps one that really holds your hand through the getting to know your process like

Whichever site you chose to start with think about adding a second one as you are comfortable. I encourage my clients to use one that is paid and one that is free.

Think about those questions. What questions will give you the information you need to feel good about taking the next step which is actually meeting in person.

And finally, get to know how to use the site. Find their “help” link and read their recommendations on using the site features. Then go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose but being single.

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