New York City and This Lesbian

by Mary Malia

I’m here in New York City to check out the lesbian scene and make time for some festivity and merriment. It’s the Gay Girl Love Tour in New York City. And it’s a really big city and I’m feeling a bit tiny!

There is also all the usual work to get done. Clients, writing, learning, networking, setting up workshops and keeping track of a thousand details.

All that doesn’t take away from the little thrill in my heart about being here for a month.

It’s as much fun as my initial memories of moving to Austin, TX. No kids for the first time in 27 years and a big city with lots of women to meet.

New York City isn’t just a little bit different from Portland, ME or Austin; it’s another planet all together.

Today I walked over to Union Square. It’s just a few blocks from where I’m staying on in Chelsea. It was another world. From the love guy who was mostly naked and dancing to entertain people at one end of the park to the chess players lined up at the other end looking for people to sit down and place bets to play with them.

In the middle of dancing and chess playing, artists have tables set up. And they have really great art. There’s music, hari krisna’s singing, people with protest signs, lovers holding hands and people picnicking on a break from work.

There’s every color of skin and hair, the finest of clothing to smelly beggers, short and tall, fat and skinny. You name it, I think I saw it there.

I came with a plan that includes getting out every day and walking. This is a city that’s built for walking. Unlike Austin where walking happens but you’ve got to have a vehicle to really live in that city. Here there is walking. I love walking. Not just a little, a lot.

Walking in a city like this is endlessly fascinating. There is always something new, something to avoid stepping in or on and people and dogs to dodge.

As I walked to Trader Joe’s last night to pick up a few grocery items, I realized that everything I bought would have to be physically carried home by me. That put a stop to any serious shopping. It left me wondering how Liz had gotten 70 cans of catfood home and in her house. (She did it on multiple trips!)

On my tour of the apartment and the review of the list of details, Liz told me that she order’s many things online so they are delivered to her door. Ahhhhh, that’s how they do it here. If you’ve got to car, you order it online! The big boxes of paper goods were sitting in the front hallway this afternoon.

It’s got me curious about what I might need to have delivered over the next month versus head out to slep it home. Liz showed me her variety of carts and carriers for lugging stuff. Looks like lots of trips to the grocery for small amounts of food. The benefit, the food could be fresher. Another benefit, more walking for me. That’s a good thing.

The benefit for you? More stories about my month in New York City. Woo Hoo!!! I’m feeling very lucky.

Oh and the lesbian scene, no I haven’t forgotten. I just haven’t got there yet. It’s coming though… hehehe… yes, indeed.

xoxo, Mary

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