Lesbian Spring Cleaning

by Mary Malia

Spring has officially busted out in Maine.

Is spring visiting your location? Spring is about new starts.

New starts mean cleaning out the old. It’s time to open the windows and air your life out!

So I’ve come up with a great new series for you –

Lesbian Spring Cleaning!

Ok, so you’ve never heard of it before. That’s OK.

I’m creating it for you!

A very special new online event that’s my spring gift to you.

And yes, I’m calling it Lesbian Spring Cleaning!

Let’s open some windows in your heart and head. Let’s get rid of the winter cobwebs and the dust bunnies under the bed.

Here’s the deal, I just spent 45 minutes reading messages women have left for me on the site.

And there are way too many women who are struggling, in pain, feeling stuck, enduring breakups or wondering how to come out and not hurt people they love… and I want to help you all out.

This call is going to be all about you, a woman who is struggling and doesn’t know where to turn. Or perhaps, you’re feeling stuck, not so much struggling and not being able to find the inspiration to take action.

Here’s why I’m doing these calls…

  1. Do you feel stuck? I want to help you get unstuck.
  2. Are you in pain? I want to help you get relief.
  3. Are you struggling to forgive someone who betrayed you or cheated? I want to help you find the freedom of forgiveness.
  4. Do you need to make a decision? To change your life? I want to help you get clear on what steps you can take and create action for change

It’s time for you to tune up your head, heart and your intentions for the summer. It’s your chance to shake off the hard cold winter we had here in the States and discover you can still be inspired! And realize that love is such an amazing thing that of course you want it in your life, but in a way that is full of yummy goodness. Not confusion and disruption.

You can register for this series right here. Just fill in your name and email and you’ll get an email with all the details! I want you to be there. I want to be sure you emerge from spring with a heart that is full of love, laughter and a sense of freedom that believes good things are in store for you! Yes!! You!!!

I’m inviting you to join me for 3 live calls that are taking place starting on May 18th at 7:00pm. They are free, my gift to you and I want you to there. After reading comments from so many women that are struggling, I want to help!!  This is how I can do it, so join me. You won’t be disappointed.

*** Be sure to look for the confirmation email from me. You’ll need to open it and click on the link. It’s called double opt-in and it’s to prevent spamming. Check your spam filter or junk email if you don’t see it in a few minutes.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to meet you during this live online meeting. We’ll be using a brand new webinar technology and it’s pretty exciting.

And I’ll be answering your questions during these calls. So get your seat booked now.

There is NO CHARGE for this event.

Join me and get ready for the best spring cleaning you’ve ever done.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday,

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