My Coaching Program is OPEN NOW!

Summer is here, don’t waste another minute, week, month or summer!   CoupleOnBench 300x198 My Coaching Program is OPEN NOW!

Make your move to finding lasting love in 2013 with a free 30 minute Intro to Lesbian Love Strategy Session.

I’ve got a few spaces open in my VIP coaching programs for lesbians who are serious about breaking through their blocks to finding love!

Let’s END your single status once and for all.

I’m opening up my calendar to offer you a free 30 minute coaching session focused on taking the guess work out of your dating life. You’ll get a breakthrough and we can decide if you’re a match for this powerful and fulfilling coaching experience!

Let’s figure out what’s holding you back from creating your Roadmap to a warm summer romance, lasting love and changing your status from single to partnered. Click here to book your Intro to Lesbian Love Strategy Session now.

Dating is the heart and soul of getting to a committed relationship.

Lots of lesbians would agree that lesbians don’t date well.

We’re too sensitive, too eager to get involved or too lonely to wait for someone who is a really good match.

Then of course, it’s cheaper to rent a u-haul then it is to go on a nice date!

And you’ll agree with me when I say, that’s not a reason to move in with a woman you barely know right?

  • Are you tired of having the same relationship over and over but with different women?
  • Are you sick of horrible dating experiences?
  • Are you afraid to even try dating?
  • Do you loath the idea of having to start dating again?
  • Does the thought of online dating freak you out?
  • Are you confused about where to start?
  • Does a string of one time dates have you staying at home watching TV alone?
  • Are you discouraged, disappointed and depressed about finding love at this stage in your life?
Then I’m want to help you break out of that pattern and kick your love life into gear.

I’ve done my dating duty both online and in person. I’ve got the stories both good and bad. I’ve also learned what makes a date work and how to make a good pick from an online profile. Yes, you can figure out who’s crazy from their profile and a few emails. I’ve got the experience to help you avoid the crazies, losers and liars. Yes, it can be done.

I’m offering you a chance to get into my exclusive Roadmap to Lesbian Love in 2013 Program by stepping up for a conversation with me about your love life. All you have to do is schedule a 30 minute Intro to Love Strategy Session. Let’s create a breakthrough and get you started on your roadmap to lesbian love!

So What is The Roadmap to Lesbian Love in 2013?

  1. Stop Dating Just For Attraction –  Start Using Conscious Dating Tools and Get the Whole Package!
  2. Get Revved Up With Lesbian Dating Math – Yes! Make Sense Out of Dating With Dating Math and You Don’t Have to Be a Math Wiz To Get It! Stop Getting Stuck in the Numbers Game and Learn How to Master It!
  3. Read Her and Weep No More – My original dating body language video series for lesbians only
  4. Lesbian Game Changers – How to Make Your Mind Your Ally and Stop Letting Your Thoughts Beat You Up
  5. Proven Online Dating Profile Strategies – Get Your Profile Working For You
  6. The Law of Lesbian Attraction – Line Yourself Up With Love Attraction Strategies


When you step into this program you get 6 months of power packed coaching, tools and strategies focused on lesbian love and you.  The time is now. Will you join me?

You know you’re smart so what’s the problem? You can get a date but second dates rarely happen. Learn what’s holding your otherwise successful self back from finding love.

You’ll break through your fears, you’ll overcome shyness, you’ll learn how to ask a woman out on a date (oh yes you can!) and you’ll discover love is a lot closer than you thought.

And you’ll have someone focused on helping you through those hard times when you just want to quit on dating.

If you quit you’ll never find her!!!!

And I don’t want you to quit because I can help you find love!!!

Here’s how it works…

First off, you get my undivided attention with a 75-minute Love Success Session where we dig deep into what’s really going on in your love life and the blind spots that hold you back. We’ll uncover your love patterns and belief system about you and love, the barriers you have to love and your habit patterns that keep love at a distance. It’s a powerful experience of getting to know your self so much better when it comes to love. I will help you bust out of the box and create a whole new direction for finding love and a great partner for your life.

You also get 2 – 45 minute private coaching calls every single month with me where we’ll work on accountability and ensuring you’re aiming and firing your love arrows in the right direction. We’ll also stay on top of your self-sabotaging behaviors so you keep moving towards the relationship of your dreams.

In addition you’ll have access to 3 group coaching calls each month, I’m going to be teaching you conscious dating strategies. Conscious dating focuses on giving you the tools to find a great match that can last a lifetime. When you have the tools to be the chooser in dating instead of the one waiting to be chosen, dating becomes an empowering experience instead of the nightmare its been in the past.

You are also going to get a personalized Lesbian Love Roadmap. No more wondering or wandering around looking for love!  This is where we’ll handle putting these strategies into practice in your daily life. You need to actually get out there and date. I’m going to give you the tactical pieces to put in place over the next six months that keep you feeling good and gaining ground in love. I’ll hold your hand or kick your butt whichever is going to get you the results you want in your love life.

You’ll also receive access to my exclusive video class on body language. When you understand the clues that women give off with their bodies that tell you if she’s open, available, interested, really interested or a cold fish you can read her and know exactly what to do next! (This is an extra $197 value!)

And on top of this, I’m including my Love Me, Love Her Audio Series as an extra special gift. A series of 4 meditation audios that will 1) help you focus on the love you want, 2) get centered about your goals in love, 3) stay healthy and happy while you look for love and 4) support you in being ready for love consciously. (That’s another $156 value.)

Wouldn’t you love to start your new love life with these tools, strategies and supports in place for you.  Well you can. Sign up now for a Love Strategy Session, let’s talk and get you started right now!

This 30-minute Love Strategy Session is my gift to you. It’s free and you will leave our call with a solid idea for moving your love life forward.

Typically for my corporate clients pay $2500 a day to work with me – yes a day.

My exclusive six-month program Roadmap to Lesbian Love in 2013 is usually $2682.00 for six months or a monthly payment of $447.00.

Right now, it’s available at a discount of $2200 if paid in full!!  Come on, don’t wait. Don’t delay. It’s time!

We’ll blow your love blocks out of the water and open up the flow of love and happiness like never before.

Book your free Intro to Love Strategy Session now! Get serious about changing your life now.

It breaks my heart when I see women get their hearts hurt by someone they barely know while dating!  And I’m mad that gay women are lonely, heartbroken and don’t know where or how to start dating or even how to find friends!

Are you still holding on to an old relationship?

The biggest complaint I hear is from women who are still holding on to an old relationship and can’t figure out how to let go and move on. I hate that women are wasting even a single day of their lives waiting for that bad relationship to start over. Get over it now with my powerful coaching strategies. They work!

Let’s talk gay girls. This is your chance to pick my brain and dig in to make a decision to recreate your dating and love life. Yes you can and I’m here to help you do it.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you dated.

It doesn’t matter what you weigh.

It doesn’t matter when you came out.

It doesn’t matter what you do for work, how much you travel, or how busy you are right now.

It doesn’t matter where you live.

There are no limits to the power of love. It can find you anywhere!

You can find love and I’m going to help you.

Gay Girl Dating Coach was created to make a difference for lesbians everywhere. Let’s start with you and your love life. And let’s start today!

So grab your Love Strategy Session now! Don’t wait. It’s easy.

I’m really excited about it! I can’t wait to talk to you.

There are only 10 slots open in this program and they are filling up! So don’t wait another day.

Let’s shake up your dating life and create the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Let’s talk! Book it now.


MGMsignature My Coaching Program is OPEN NOW!

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