Shake Your Hips! Ain’t That Easy!

by Mary Gorham Malia

Shake your hips, baby! Ain’t that easy now! Shake your hips girl! Some days you just have to drag your butt out off the couch and move it. And if you don’t know to do this, then I’m telling you now.

The easiest way to shift your emotions is to move your body!

And get ridiculous about it. Dance and strut and shake your hips across the room. Roll your head around, punch the air with your hands and let the music carry you to a new mood and a new destination.

AfriAmWomanDancing Shake Your Hips! Aint That Easy!

Joan Osborne’s song – Shake Your Hips has been playing off and on all day in my iTunes. A friend shared a YouTube video this morning on Facebook and it just lit me up. I’ve been hand dancing, chair dancing and just getting up out of my seat and dancing in my office like a crazy woman. I’ve been shaking my hips all day and honestly, I feel better. Do you ever do this? Put music on to make you feel better and get your body involved in the process? Jumping around like a crazy woman and grateful no one is watching you. Okay, I admit, I do this a lot.

Do you love to dance?

Do you wait for an event to dance or do you just do it whenever the feeling strikes and the music is right? Dancing is a great way to move energy and shift into different feelings. You’ve got to love that one thing about dancing. It can make you feel strong, feel free and feel totally hot! I mean hot in the I’m too sexy for my pants sort of way along with the hot and sweaty way.

I admit I can be a bit OCD about music. I find a song or two or five that I like and I can listen to them repetitively for hours. I’ve learned now that it’s really much better if the songs I listen to are really upbeat, energetic, and happy. It’s easy to listen to depressing music ’cause its all over the place. Often the Top 10 Songs on the pop stations are about love and betrayal and breaking up. I have friends who can’t stand to listen to the same song twice, so I know I’m a little different when it comes to listening to music. I guess it’s a holdover from those teen years.

So where is this going? Well, this is where it’s going:

  • Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like crap?
  • Do you go through your day just feeling less than good about yourself?
  • Does anxiety keep you from fully engaging with life?
  • Do you always have some low level bad feeling haunting you?
  • Does the littlest thing set it off into full blown feeling awful?

First off, I can tell you that your “self talk” is what’s awful. Your mind is staying busy trash talking to you all day long and you haven’t decided to tell it to shut the f*** up yet. What are you waiting for? Sometimes you don’t even realize that its the conversation in your own head that’s been beating you up all day. Well, um, yeah that’s the source of the problem.

Why shake your hips?

Well gay girl, because everything is energy. And you can reset the level of energy you’re living with by moving your body and getting your mind refocused on something more positive. What better thing that a rockin’ and rollin’ beat popping song? And then GET UP and move your body. Move like no one is watching! Cause you can always find a place where no one is watching, right? In your car, in the shower, out for a walk, doing the dishes… whatever and wherever it is.

You need to know that you can shift how you feel. You can use your body and music to move your emotions. I know, I’ve been doing this for 10 years now with a lot of intention. I know that when my mind is trapped in crap that I’ve got to get my mind and body engaged in something fun and positive and I can move that feeling. And that feeling is energy.

I had a bout of depression a few years back.

I had a bout of depression a few years back and after doing some therapy and antidepressants for a while, I decided I wanted to learn more about how to manage my emotions. One of the most powerful lessons I learned was that my body was a tool I could use to shift my feelings significantly. Interestingly, I didn’t learn this from my therapist but from some guy on an infomercial. That guy was Tony Robbins. The whole idea of having tools to manage my emotional state was a new thought to me at the time but now its something I use every day of my life. I use tools to help my coaching clients move through emotion versus staying stuck. I use these tools because I’ve used them myself and they work.

What are you stuck in? What’s holding you back? What are you afraid of? What is your dream? Your hope and vision for your life? Why aren’t you on your way there already?

Listen to Joan Osborne doing Shake Your Hips. And get up and shake your hips, shake your booty and move your whole body and breathe. Feel your body’s energy shift and feel that shift move into your emotions and let go. Let go and go with it. Smile. Breathe. Enjoy it.

The lesson here is that you have to make this part of your lifestyle. That means you do it all the time. Every day. Whenever the blues strike you. Get up and shake em. Rock em. Roll em. Move your body – Change a Thought. 

Shake your hips baby!! Ain’t that easy now!!! Do you feel better? Tell me about it.

Do you have a your own secret sauce you use to shake off the blues? If you hit the link and listened to the song share what happened for you in the comments section today.

Now go and enjoy your day my friend!!


mgmaliaonline1 150x121 Shake Your Hips! Aint That Easy!About Mary Gorham Malia:

Mary Gorham Malia is a gay girl who’s passed the age of 50, survived menopause, hot flashes and night sweats, raised two children, came out later in life, divorced, grew from being a baby dyke to a lesbian with many dating experiences, has been rescued from cubicle nation and now finds the wisdom of being a bit older as the salvation she always wanted. She’s gone from being lost and late to lesbian life to being a seasoned life traveler who has a commitment to reach out to the lesbian nation and make a difference for lgbt women.

Her business, Gay Girl Dating, LLC, was founded on the belief that lesbian, gay, queer, bi and transgender women can live extraordinary lives when they understand the principles and practices that make life great and put these practices into action in their own lives.


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