Lesbian Dating Tips – A Perfect Date

by Mary Gorham Malia

Here’s a lesbian dating tip for a perfect date night. APerfectEnding Lesbian Dating Tips   A Perfect Date

There’s a beautifully filmed movie that debuted last fall to our little lesbian world. A Perfect Ending.

It stars the gorgeous, tall and soft spoken Jessica Clark who’s grieving her lover’s death and the scrumptious Barbara Niven as a woman who has it all but feels like she’s missing passion.

First off, I have to thank Wolfe Video for the chance to see the movie while sitting at home. Yes, it’s available to stream gay girls! More on that later.

Wolfe Video is a lesbian owned and run business.

They’ve launched WolfeOnDemand.com to showcase the largest collection of LGBT films available anywhere today. Now back to the movie…

Lesbian Dating Tips – Why This Movie Is A Perfect Date

Passion is the word for this film. Niven decides to get radical about being fulfilled and hires a high-end prostitute. The Madam, Valentina, is played delightfully by Morgan Fairchild.

Valentina takes her business seriously and wants to ensure her wealthy customers needs are fulfilled. Rebecca has requested someone who is about her age. We can assume Niven’s character Rebecca is in her mid-forties.

Rebecca’s husband, played by John Heard, is a wealthy business owner who’s an ass in all regards. She has two sons and a daughter who are pretty much grown and there’s definitely lots tension between her and her husband. All is not wonderful in this family and home.

The story line has Rebecca struggling with her desire for an orgasm, oh yeah her husband Mason has never given her an orgasm. Awful!!! A gay girl would never let that happen to her girlfriend or wife! She’s decided it’s time to feel fully sexually alive. Rebecca is tired of waiting.

After a few false starts, Rebecca and Paris, played by Jessica Clark, finally get under the sheets and shazamm! The earth moves, the skies open and Rebecca will never be the same. I felt that way after my first sexual experience with a woman. There was no going back. How about you?

You get that feel about the connection between Paris and Rebecca. They grow through the experience. Paris finds some healing after the lose of her fiancé in a tragic accident. Rebecca owns herself in a new way in her marriage and decides she isn’t going to let her husband get the best of her.

So that’s the bare bones story. There are a few twists and turns but you won’t miss them as this is a slow moving love story.

Lesbian Dating Tip – A Movie Night at Home On The Couch

APerfectEnding2 Lesbian Dating Tips   A Perfect DateHere’s my emotional reaction. Wow – hot, sexy and extraordinarily beautiful.

This film ranks at the top of any lesbian film I’ve seen for beauty and top notch production. Jessica Clark and Barbara Niven are both gorgeous women.

In this story, we find both Paris and Rebecca learning how to forgive and love themselves. There is a new joy that you can see coming into their faces and of course their connection is hot.


The play of dark skin and dark hair against light skin and platinum blonde is beautiful. The music brings you along at exactly the right pace. You feel their connection, you see it. You feel their pain and struggle and for myself, I could relate to it in so many ways.

Nicole Conn, who wrote and directed the movie and Marina Rice Bader won an award for the film at the LA Femme International Film Festival in 2012.

I totally enjoyed watching it a second time, when I could just take my time enjoying the visual elements that interplay with the actors.

The characters have a depth I don’t usually see in a lesbian film and the quality of the acting is superb. Take that, add the right kind of music, two beautiful women and a love story and you’ve got my attention for two hours easily.

I first saw A Perfect Ending at Women’s Week in Provincetown last fall. There were a few places in the film where the story line got a bit fuzzy but in the end it all made sense. I won’t give the ending away; you’ll have to find out for yourself but be prepared to be surprised.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Olympia Dukakis in Cloudburst. Of the two films, I enjoyed Cloudburst the most. That’s a story for another day.

In the meantime, even if you don’t have a date this is a movie to enjoy. It’ll remind you how sweet your first love was.

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